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Min (Menew, Menu, Amsu) was an ancient Egyptian god whose worship dates back to the predynastic times. His early images are the oldest examples of large scale statuary found in Egypt so far. He was worshipped by King Scorpion of the Early Dynastic Period and his symbol appears on the El Amrah palette (which is also known as the min palette). His cult may have developed from the worship of his fetish, which was thought to be a barbed arrow, a thunderbolt or a fossililised belemnite (an ancient relative of the cuttlefish). As time progressed, he was given a human form and represented by the Min standard which resembles a double-headed arrow on a hook. Alternatively, Min initially represented the constelation Orion and was thought to control thunder and rain (linking him to Set). This connection with Orion also liked Min with Horus because the three were depicted with their arms raised above their head (a pose linked to the "smiting" pose of the pharaoh) and later provided a connection with Osiris.

Min continued to be associated with Horus until the Middle Kingdom when Min became more closely associated with fertility and the solar aspects of Horus became more emphasised. Min was associated with Amun during the New Kingdom, partly because both were linked to the ram and the bull, both of which were seen as a symbols of virility. The composite god Amun-Min was known as Kamutef ("Bull of his mother"). In later periods he was linked to Reshep, the Semitic god of war and thunder. Both gods were thought to be married to Qadesh the Semitic love goddess, although Min was often considered to be the child of Reshep and Qadesh. It is perhaps unsurprising that the Greeks linked Min to their fertility god, Pan. Because of this association, they renamed named Akhmim, Panopolis (city of Pan).

He was a god of the Eastern Desert, and a god and patron of traveling caravans. A reference in the Pyramid Texts to "the one who raises his arm in the east" is thought to relate to Min. He offered protection to travellers and traders and was also worshiped by the miners and masons who worked around the Wadi Hammamat. In this area, he was known as "Min, the (foremost) Man of the Mountain". His association with the desert led to an association with foreign lands and with the god Set.

Although he was associated with the desert, he was a god of fertility and sexuality. He was associated with the Egyptian long-leaf lettuce (also a favourite food of Set) which was considered to be an aphrodisiac as it secreted a milky substance which was likened to semen. Min was often shown standing before offering tables, covered with heads of lettuce. At the beginning of the harvest season, Min statue was carried through the fields in a festival known as "the departure of Min". Min blessed the harvest and the people held games in his honour, the most of which involved the menfolk climbing a huge pole (which had a connection with fertility not unlike the maypole). It is thought that this related to the construction of a huge festival pavillion where the festivities were held.

Min was closely associated with fertility and agriculture, and so with Osiris. In depictions of one of Min's festivals, the pharaoh hoes and waters the ground while Min watches. In another, the Pharaoh ceremonially reaps the grain. However, Min was not just a fertility god, but a patron of male sexuality who could help men to father children. When the pharaoh successfully fathered an heir he was identified with the god, and a virginal girl was sometimes called an "unploughed field". As he represented male virility, it is not surprising that it was he who presided over the Heb Sed festival, in which the pharaoh ran a course carrying ritual objects to rejuvenate him and to prove his virility. During the New Kingdom the Pharaoh was expected to sow his seed metaphorically using plant seeds to prove that he was fertile, although some scholars suggest that the Pharaoh was also expected to prove that he was still sexually potent by ejaculating. He was also a lunar god (relating him to moisture and fertility) and was given the epithet, "Protector of the Moon". The last day of the lunar month was sacred to Min and by the Ptolemaic period, he was patron of the fifth month of the Egyptian calendar (called Tybi by the Greeks).
Min was generally thought to be the son and husband of the goddess of the east, Iabet. However, in Gebtu (which was the cult site of both Min and Isis) Min was considered to be the husband of Isis and the father of Horus (again associating him with Osiris). In Memphis he was associated with Ptah as the composite god Ptah-Min. He was also linked to a number of leonine warlike goddesses (particularly Sekhmet). As a result the body of Min is sometimes given the head of a lioness. He was also associated with the composite deity Mut-Isis-Nekhbet, known as "the Great Mother and Lady". This deity was depicted as a winged goddess with leonine feet, an erect penis and three heads (the head of a lion head wearing Min's headdress, a woman's head wearing the double crown of Egypt and a vulture's head wearing the red crown of Lower Egypt).

Min was generally depicted as a mummiform human man with an ithyphallic (erect and uncovered) penis wearing a crown with two large feathers (like that of Amun). In his left hand he holds his penis (although this is usually only apparent in statues because of the perspective applied to two dimensional images in Egyptian Art) and in his right hand he holds a flail up above his shoulder. The flail represents Pharonic power and fertility (it was used to thresh corn and remove the husk) and it is suggested that the position of his arm replicates the stance associated with Orion and that the position of his arm in relation to the flail represents sexual intercourse (with the flail representing a vagina and his arm representing his penis). His skin is black (linking him to fertile black soil). Occasionaly he wears a red ribbon which may represent sexual power. When he takes the form of Amun-Min, he sometimes wears a sun disk between the two feathers on his headdress. In both Akhmin and Coptos he was worshipped in the form of a white bull (representing virility) known as "Bull of the Great Phallus" and in Heliopolis he was associated with the Mnevis bull cult. When he is represented as the constellation Orion he can be distinguished from Osiris because the three bright stars of Orion's belt are made to represent his erect penis.

Because of his rather noticable genetalia, images of Min were subject to a great deal of damage at the hands of more prudish Christians immigrants and during the Victorian period egyptoligists regularly ommited the lower part of his body in photographs and drawings. In a final insult to the god, ninteenth century scholars mistranslated his name as Khem (or Chem meaning "black" in egyptian). This was in fact one of his epithets which related to his fertility ascpect because black was associated with the fertile soil of the nile. This black soil was so central to the egyptian way of life that the word also became a common term for the land of Egypt itself. His cult center was Gebtu (Koptos), the capital of the fifth Nome of Upper Egypt but in later times he was also associated with Khent-Min (Panopolis, Akhmim) the capital of the ninth Nome of Upper Egypt.
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MUT, whose name means ‘MOTHER’, is usually depicted either anthropomorphically, wearing a Vulture Headdress and the Double Crown of Egypt united – the only Goddess to wear this Crown regularly – or as a Lioness-Headed Woman. Although the hieroglyphic sign of the vulture forms her name, she is NOT a Vulture Goddess like Nekhbet; rather, the Vulture Headdress serves, as in the case of other Goddesses who wear it, to signify Her MATERNAL QUALITY.

As MUT, was said to be the wife of AMUN, with whom she is the MOTHER of KHENSU. From the time of HATSHEPSET onward, MUT is also regarded as the MOTHER OF THE PHAROAH. She almost always bears the epithet Weret, or ‘Great’, which, interestingly, when combined with Mut can be read as ‘Grandmother’.

Mut is said to be “THE MOTHER WHO BECAME A DAUGHTER,” or “THE DAUGHTER-MOTHER WHO MADE HER BEGETTER,” expressing A POWER OF SELF-CREATION similar to that expressed for AMUN by the epithet kamutef, ‘BULL OF HIS MOTHER’, meaning 'one who is his own father'.

Related to this aspect of MUT may be depictions of Her with an erect penis, indicating Her CAPACITY to CREATE HERSELF ANEW AS HER OWN DAUGHTER.

An extraordinary work undertaken in honor of Mut is the so-called ‘Crossword Hymn to Mut’, designed to be read in three directions. In this long hymn, MUT absorbs the attributes of many other Goddesses. Her distinctive character of MOTHER/DAUGHTER emerges, however, in passages like these: “His [Amun-Re's] daughter lives in his sight, she having appeared as his mother, and he being protected because of her,” (19 vertical).

The protective function exercised by MUT here is both essentially hers, in common with other deities envisioned as LIONESSES, WRATHFUL DEITIES who DEFEND LIFE and THE COSMIC ORDER, and a result of her identification in this hymn with the URAEUS, the PROTECTIVE COBRA perched upon the brow of RE as His SPECIAL PROTECTION.

Characteristic of MUT are the explicit references to Her REJUVENATION OF HERSELF:
“Her limbs are rejuvenated … Re of Heliopolis … recognizes Her as His daughter,”
(20 vertical);

“… Her Name of ‘She Who becomes rejuvenated’,” (54 vertical).

Particular to Mut as well is the juxtaposition between the HIDDENESS of Her Husband (AMUN, literally ‘THE HIDDEN’) and HER OWN MANIFESTNESS:

“The Lord of Eternity sits while She acts by means of Her Word,” (13 vertical).

“The Ennead sees by means of Her Rays every day,” (44 vertical);

“Indeed, She is This Light of Day, The Great One Who Endures Through Her Name,”
i.e. of MUT, ‘MOTHER’ (46 vertical);

“The Noble Sun-Disk, Who is in The Heart, The Sole One, whose Face is The Light,”
(54 vertical).
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2012 What's The Real Truth?

The critical times are here and we are pressing to begin what will eventually lead to monumental changes in your lives. Much of what you take for granted would have to change, to make way for the new that will lift you up and set you upon the path to Ascension. The change over will take place in a remarkably short time by your standards, as it has been well planned to keep inconvenience to you to an absolute minimum. So put aside your worries and concerns, as all is going to work out well and move you into a new series of experiences. Ones that will prove most acceptable and exciting as the New Age commences.

We want you to see change as an opportunity to leave behind all that is undesirable, and enjoy the emerging benefits that will lift you up. Do not get upset at what you appear to be losing, as you will more than gain as a result. It is in some ways unfortunate that you will touch the depths of chaos, yet it is necessary to awaken many souls as to their plight. They still do not realize that they are prisoners in their own homes, and what they see as freedom is an illusion. However, that will all change in quick time once we get started, and you will be amazed at the amount of controls that we will remove that have been unnecessarily applied.

The dark Ones have been subtle in their plan to exercise complete control over you. So much so, that few of you have even suspected that there was a plan to imprison you by taking away your rights. Believe us Dear Ones, it was well advanced and near to completion, with an attempt to create a situation that would have led to Martial Law and total control. Have no fear, the matter is now in our control and their power bases are being held in check. As we so often inform you, nothing will be allowed to interfere with your Ascension. We are here to see that all proceeds as divinely planned, and it will not be much longer before you shall know the details. Our actions will be openly carried out, and nothing will be hidden from your gaze. Our craft continue even now to make more displays with greater numbers of them appearing over major cities. There can be little doubt now, that we are proving our point regarding our peaceful presence.

The remainder of this year has all the potential of being a special time in your history. The events will clearly indicate our success in fully having overcome the resistance to our coming. Indeed, this century there has been an upsurge in support for us. People are more at ease and the fears about us have largely disappeared, in fact we find that we are being welcomed more than any other time in the past. We are not here to pressurize you into accepting us but we are your true family, and we will leave those souls who do not want to know about us, to create their own future. All souls will regardless of their beliefs be looked after, and in the future will find themselves exactly in the perfect conditions that reflect their desires and needs. One thing that cannot be changed is the ongoing evolution of you all, and whatever experiences you choose will eventually cause you to move on. You can move backwards or forwards, or even sideways and it makes no difference to your inevitable progress towards the Light.

It is important for all souls to realize that first and foremost you are Godsparks that have chosen to experience duality. You will always have the full potential to return to the Godhead, and will never lose that link. Therefore the fact that you are at presently of the Earth does not mean you remain as such forever. You will find that you have had lives in many different planetary civilizations, which has been to your choosing. That is why certain ones such as the Pleiadians and Sirians claim to have many of their kind on Earth at present, and come to renew their link with them. It explains why there is nothing more natural than that we should come to Earth, at such an important time to help you. We are already part of your lives, and shall continue to be so.

The idea that everything is in the Now is a difficult concept for some of you, but the more you understand that outside of Earth time is not linear it should begin to make sense. All that there ever was still exists and you can as you would describe it, go back in time or into the future. Since you can also travel instantaneously through the power of thought, the idea that you can continue to label the past and future separately disappears. There are many different time lines that go on into Infinity, and you can literally hop from one to another. It becomes mind expanding or would you say mind boggling, to realize that there is no end to creation. It continues now as ever before and places in front of you the prospect of never ending opportunities to explore life, in all of its different forms.

Can you see that if you put things into perspective, your remaining time in duality is but a blink of the eye and really nothing to worry about. Ahead of you lies a brilliant future where you fully control your life. It will be to your liking and bring to you the most wonderful experiences of complete joy and happiness. You will be able to do exactly as you wish and enjoy whatever gives you pleasure and fulfillment. Although you will be subject to Universal Law, which you will fully understand by the time you have achieved full consciousness. The straightjacket that you live in whilst on Earth has been so restrictive that you have forgotten that you are a Universal Being. So think big and claim back your powers of creation and realize as we have often told you, that in reality there is nothing that you cannot achieve. Believe in yourself, and let no one demean the true potential you have, that is gradually being returned to you.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and wish you could see yourselves as we see you. We see your Light and desire to overcome the darkness that has entered your lives. We know that you will overcome the lower energies, and step out of them as a glorious Being of Light. You are Gods, but have yet to accept such a high accolade, because in your present experience nothing would seem more likely. However, once you have re-acquired full consciousness you will be in no doubt at all. What astonishing times you are going through, and there is much more to come.

~ Thank you SaLuSa ~

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The average person is PROGRAMMED by the media, by the school system, your church, your clubs, your social group. For most people, that is THE MACHINE in which they are cogs, and THEY HAVE NO FREEDOM AT ALL.

It is this CAREFULLY CONSTRUCTED "LIE" about our REALITY that the 4th Density Self-Serving (STS) forces have CREATED and MAINTAINED for many thousands of years. This is the web of our MASS MIND "BELIEF" Systems.

It is our "BELIEFS" that CREATE OUR REALITY. Whatever that "BELIEF" system is, particularly if it is based on our FEAR or FEARS. When we "BELIEVE" a LIE, then OUR THOUGHTS too, ARE ALL LIES. Therefore, we MANIFEST the same. Our REALITY becomes that LIE.

"DE-PROGRAMMING is like taking a car out of the garage that hasn't been driven for a year. The battery has gone down, and in order to start it up you've got to put jumper cables on it. It will start up then, but if you turn the key off right away it will go dead again. So you keep the motor running until it BUILDS UP ITS OWN POWER. The way of the Warrior is designed to MAXIMIZE "PERSONAL POWER". Once we get the MIND working, we KEEP IT WORKING long enough so the person GETS IN THE HABIT of THINKING and MAKING DECISIONS again."

The PREDATORS CONSUME OUR AWARENESS THROUGH OUR EMOTIONS, PROPERLY DIRECTED BY THE INTERNAL DIALOGUE. They have DESIGNED our social environment in such a way that we are CONSTANTLY shooting off WAVES OF EMOTIONS, which are IMMEDIATELY ABSORBED. Best of all, they like attacks of EGO; for them, that is an EXQUISITE MOUTHFUL. Such EMOTIONS are the same ANYWHERE in the UNIVERSE where they occur, and they have learned how to METABOLIZE them.


What is this INTERNAL DIALOGUE, this chatter?


“Why did they do that or say that? It’s because…”
“How did that happen? I must have…”
“Why don't things work out for me? It’s because…”
“What will happen if I fail? This and this…”
“What if they reject me? I will feel…”
“Why can't I get ahead?”
“It’s because there’s something wrong with…”



And whenever we finish talking to ourselves about ourselves and our world, the world is always as it should be.


Not ONLY that, but WE ALSO CHOOSE OUR PATHS as we talk to ourselves.





SILENCE is a Passageway BETWEEN Worlds. When our MIND STAYS SILENT, incredible aspects of OUR BEING emerge.

Starting from THAT MOMENT, a person becomes a VEHICLE OF INTENT, and ALL her or his ACTS begin to OOZE POWER.

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Nefertiti (the name is an Egyptian phrase meaning "The Beautiful One Who Has Come") was the Great Wife and Queen of Akhenaten.  If the bust of Her found abandoned in the sculptor's studio in Amarna is a true likeness She indeed was beautiful enough to deserve such a name. Her origin has been the subject of much speculation. The discovery that Nefertiti had an Egyptian wet-nurse leaves little doubt that She was born in Egypt. It is unclear who Nefertiti´s parents were. It is sometimes suggested that Nefertiti was the daughter of Queen Tiye and Amenhotep III (making Her a Sister or Step-Sister of Akhenaten).

When Amenohotep III died around 1375 BC, he was succeeded by Akhenaten. During the first six years of His reign, the record shows that it was Nefertiti, who was the master of all Egypt. Nefertiti and Akhenaten had six daughters; many family portraits have survived and all are remarkable in their display of affection. Nefertiti clearly, was greatly loved by the Pharaoh, and had a very prominent role in the political life of Egypt.

Akhenaten is regularly depicted displaying affection for Nefertiti and their Daughters in an unrestrained show of emotion which is pretty much unique to Egyptian Art. In one inscription the King described His Beloved Queen as;

"The Mistress of Happiness, Endowed with Favors, at hearing whose voice the King rejoices, the Chief Wife of the King, His beloved, the Lady of the Two Lands, Neferneferuaten-Nefertiti, May She live for Ever and Always".

There can be no doubt that this was a loving, closely knit family.

Throughout the Eighteenth Dynasty Royal Women played a significant and visible role in State and Political affairs. Nefertiti continued this tradition by actively assisting Her husband in his attempt to convert Egypt to The Law of One.  No look at the life of Nefertiti would be complete without a acknowledgment of this revolution.

She was pictured killing the enemies of Egypt in a scene normally reserved for Pharaohs and She was shown with Her husband awarding gold to Royal favorites at the Window of Appearance.

By Year 14 of Akhenaten's reign Nefertiti had disappeared from view. She allegedly died at the age of 35, yet there is no record of her death nor has her mummy or place of burial been found. Many have speculated that Nefertiti changed Her name to Smenkhkare, adopted the guise of a man, and ruled as Co-Regent with Her Husband. Akhenaten died about Year 17 under mysterious circumstances. Smenkhkare appears to have been co-regent for three years and to have died either just before or just after Akhenaten.

The fame that Nefertiti has gained over the years in modern times maybe contributed to a great extent to the discovery of its Statue known as Nefertiti bust which was found in Amarna Egypt in 1912. The original famous Nefertiti bust was found among other unfinished busts by the German archaeologist Ludwig Borchardt who led a team of the German Oriental company (Deutsche Orient-Gesellschaft). It was shipped to Germany in 1913 where it was kept in the residence of James Simon the sponsor of the excavation and then moved to the Berlin Museum the same year but was kept a secret until finally displayed in 1924. The bust moved to several locations in Germany. It is currently displayed in the Neues Museum Berlin.
The bust of Nefertiti height is 47 cm and weighs around 20 kg (44 lb). It is made of a limestone core covered with painted stucco layers. The face is completely symmetrical and almost intact, but the left eye lacks the inlay present in the right.
There has been intense discussions about the repatriation of the Nefertiti bust to Egypt. Ever since the unveil of the discovery of the Nefertiti bust, there have been Negotiations between the Egyptian and German governments to return the bust to Egypt as the bust was moved illegally to Germany but it has not been decided yet by the German authorities if the bust would be returned to Egypt.
Both Egypt and Berlin view the Nefertiti bust as a symbol of  them and as it has been a precious item to possess, each party refuses to step back on its demand to have it on its land.

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~ Akhenaton ~

At the time of the Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt, there had been one minor cycle of 25,000 years on Planet Earth, with no Harvest. The bold, new experiment of Earth was going badly awry. A Guardian of Earth, Yahweh, had brought the planetary population of Mars here after that planet’s atmosphere’s demise, making some genetic changes to give these souls quicker, more agile physical bodies and an enhanced intellect so that they might more easily learn the LAW OF ONE. Yet those previously of Mars used those bodies and minds NOT to seek spiritual evolution but to recapitulate the experience of empire they had on Mars, which had ended disastrously when they rendered their planet uninhabitable for third-density people. Now Planet Earth was also mired in empire.

However, Pharaoh Akhenaton was oriented towards an ADVANCED spirituality, as was his wife, Nefertiti. Akhenaton became known as the heretic pharaoh because of his interaction with those of Ra. Under the influence of the LAW OF ONE, Akhenaton declared the state religion to be monotheistic, the first nation-state EVER to do so on Planet Earth. He built a new capital of Egypt, Heliopolis, and here he and Nefertiti practiced their new religion, worshiping ONE god.

The Ra group, in Session 1 of THE LAW OF ONE, put it this way:
We spoke to one who heard and understood and was in a position to decree THE LAW OF ONE. However, the priests and peoples of that era QUICKLY DISTORTED our message, ROBBING IT of the, shall we say, COMPASSION with which UNITY is informed by ITS VERY NATURE.

"When we were no longer able to have appropriate channels through which to enunciate the LAW OF ONE, we removed ourselves from the now hypocritical position in which we had allowed ourselves to be placed. Other myths, shall we say, having more to do with polarity and the things of your vibration that are complex, again took over in that particular society/complex.”

When Don, in this first session with those of Ra, asked for more details, Ra replied:
In the Eighteenth Dynasty, as it is known in your records of space/time distortions, we were able to contact a pharaoh, as you would call him. The man was small in life-experience on your plane and was a … what this instrument would call, Wanderer. Thus, this [individual] received our communication distortions and was able to blend his distortions with our own.

This young entity had been given a vibratory complex of sound which vibrated in honor of a prosperous god, as this [individual], which we call instrument for convenience, would call “Ammon.” The entity decided that this name, being in honor of one among many gods, was not acceptable for inclusion in his vibratory sound complex. Thus, he changed his name to one which honored the sun disc. This distortion, called “Aten,” was a close distortion to our reality, as we understand our own nature of mind/body/spirit complex distortion. However, it does not come totally into alignment with the intended teach/learning which was sent. This entity, Akhenaton, became convinced that the vibration of ONE was the TRUE SPIRITUAL VIBRATION and thus decreed the LAW OF ONE.

However, this entity’s beliefs were accepted by VERY FEW. His priests gave LIP SERVICE ONLY, without the spiritual distortion towards SEEKING. The peoples continued in their beliefs. When this entity was no longer in this density, again the polarized beliefs in the many gods came into their own and continued so until the one known as Mohammed delivered the peoples into a more intelligible distortion of mind/body/spirit relationships.”

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The concept of Ma'at brings together several completely disassociated dimensions in Egyptian imaginary.

Ma'ät is at the heart of understanding Egyptian Civilization in its entirety, and is the foundation of its longevity. It is bound to and confused with Ethics (including Justice and Truth), with Universal Order (Cosmic Order, Social Order and Political Order) and with Social Integration based on Communication and Confidence.

The foundation of Egyptian Cultural identity, Ma'at is the great Creation of the thinkers of the Old Kingdom. It is SHE who ultimately offers an ideological setting to the Pharaonic State, both at the level of justification of its existence and in that of the Rules which define GOOD Government.

But we would not know what this principle covers if a break had not occurred. This break, which is the decomposition, at the end of the Old Kingdom, of the centralized Unity of the country embodied by the king. Then the emergence of multiple local powers which shared the territory during a couple of centuries (the First Intermediate Period).

The DISORDER and Social Anarchy which resulted from it profoundly marked the Egyptian imagination. Through necessity it was clear to formulate and to explain what was obvious in the previous period.

These thoughts are found in literary genre, whose first steps date back to the 3rd Dynasty, and which concern the CONDUCT of individuals: the sapient literature, with its teachings.

It also expresses itself through a new literature type, appropriate for the difficult crossing period: the laments or pessimistic literature. This last more concerns Society than that of actual individuals. It is the same for a third kind which are king's writings to his son's and which express, for the first time, concrete suggestions on the Government of men.

The Middle Kingdom will be seen to reconstitute the Political and Social UNITY of the Double Country, RE-UNIFIED around the central concept of MA'AT. It is the "Tale of the Oasien" or (Eloquent Peasant) which best summarizes the concept of Ma'at at this time.

In the nine supplications, which he addresses to his judge, a peasant who has been flown, provides the three fundamental attitudes of a behavior compliant to the MA'AT:

"There is no yesterday for the lazy person, no friend for the one who is deaf to Ma'at, no festival day for the greedy."

(1) Laziness - Makes Not MA'AT.
Laziness, is the ABSENCE OF ACTION, INERTIA. For the Egyptian, ALL ACTION must INDUCE a RE-ACTION in an intermeshed JOINING of past actions (yesterday) to present actions. It is necessary "TO ACT." For the one who acts and that, for a very clear reason, is in order to advise him to remain active.

In a Society where the subsistence of the individual is made day to day, in a complex relational maze, the slightest DIS-ORDER can compromise the survival of the people or the functionality of the administrative machine.

Not to forget the good which has been made, it is the basis of confidence. It is a SOLIDARITY OF SURVIVAL, based on INTERDEPENDENCE, embodied by MA'AT.

(2) Deafness in Ma'at - According to Ma'at.
The greatest wisdom according to Ancient Egypt, is to KNOW how to listen in the SILENCE, to meditate on the received word and to consequently act. It is not surprising when one knows the importance of language, of the uttered words which are a living substance, a true food. Social life is only possible by the exchange of HARMONIOUS speech, which only permits the integration of one and the other in dynamics based on the confidence of actions which will be achieved.

The deaf who do not listen to the other, are the insensible, the indifferent. Therefore, has no friend and is NOT INTEGRATED into society. When one doesn't communicate anymore, at the level of the individual or Society, it is VIOLENCE and the Law of the strongest which is installed. It is well illustrated in the "Dialogue of The Desperate Man and His Soul", another classic text of the Middle Kingdom.

(3) Greed
It is a property of the HEART for the Egyptian on which there is no Ascendancy; it is, say the sages, an incurable illness.

It is doubly negative:
- For the Individual: Indeed, during ones life, accumulates a subtle "ENERGY" notably at the time of the festivals, which seem to be in relation to the joy of living. One nourishes their Ka, their intangible double. The one who cannot be happy carries harm to their own Ka.

- For Society: Selfishness, the desire of possessions and jealousy, entail the DESTRUCTION of social relations. The one who despoils those who worked for him, removes from them their means of subsistence, puts them in peril and this fact, is an inducer of VIOLENCE.

In addition, while trying to remove ones dependence on the another, to individualize oneself, one breaks the dynamic system of INTERACTION of SOCIETY and there again will generate VIOLENCE.


The goal of the Egyptian of High Society is to become a Tomb Owner, an Imakhu (what is, in itself, the tangible expression of ones Social Stature of "well provided"). It requires that several conditions are met:

- A Remunerative Function ("a well paid job") and Royal Authorization.

- An Expensive Post-Mortem Cult supposing either Affiliation with, or of Specialized Priests, in any case of important income.

- A GOOD RECORD in the Society.

Three Security checks are thus put in place to MORALLY constrain one to behave well :
- The functions of experience have been correctly filled in order to have enjoyed Royal Favor.

- A Will must have been written and goods of the deceased passed to their heir; it is not automatic. It is necessary that the Will is approved (sealed) by the Vizier himself who can disinherit if goods were ill-gotten.

- The GOOD RECORD left with the group, so that the chapel is maintained and is not damaged, and the Formulas of Life uttered.

It is necessary to have been WELL-BELOVED by ones living (it is not about liking each other!). This arduous task supposes that one followed the way of solidarity recommended by MA'AT.

- The Biographies in The Tombs WELL specify that one gave to the one who had need (bread, clothes, boats ...)

- That one didn't commit the sin of language (scandal-mongering, slander ...)


It is about an impersonal portrait which translates the CONFORMITY to the general rule, MA'AT, and which is distinct from the "professional" career.

These concepts evolved during the various Periods of Our-Story.

(1) In The Old Kingdom.
MA'AT is merged with the Will of the king who assumes the "SERVICE OF HUMANKIND". It is NOT the career, since the career is spontaneous and bound to ambition. Career in the service of the Sovereign and MA'AT are therefore distinctly separated, but form an indispensable COMPLEMENT.

(2) In the First Intermediate Period:
After the fall of the monarchy of the Old Kingdom, there is no longer a career in the king's service. A VIRTUOUS Life compliant to MA'AT can alone lead to IMMORTALITY.

However, the very word of MA'AT, which remains identified by the Egyptians with the King, with the State, disappears from the inscriptions.

One's VIRTUE is now the real monument: A GOOD CHARACTER is a monument; It is a monument to being good; One's monument is ones virtue.

Greater need for a Tomb or Royal career. Could it be that the economic difficulties also played a part in this new vision, because VERY FEW people could have access to an Authentic Monument during this period.

(3) In the Middle Kingdom:
Thanks to literature known as "propaganda" (an unsuitable term, but close enough), The Monarchy reintroduces the traditional notion of MA'AT - Service to The King, as a necessity of survival.

It is ADDED TO the necessities of VIRTUE and The Tomb. The Tomb and MA'AT become INSEPARABLE.

(4) Thereafter, and especially during the New Kingdom:
After the fall of the Middle Kingdom and the invasion of the Hyksos, the Second Intermediate Period showed that it was NOT POSSIBLE to be assured of a stable Terrestrial World where MA'AT could reign without sharing.

This has a major consequence concerning the beyond: it can no longer be a simple continuation of Terrestrial life. The deceased cannot be CONTENT anymore with surviving. He must pass into another state, the one of an IMMORTAL Living God into the Kingdom of Osiris.

For this, the dead acquires their new state, RITUALS of PASSAGE are necessary: these will be the "Judgement of the Dead" (among others, for the Funeral, the Opening of the Mouth…, are also Rituals of Passage).

The Judgment of the Dead constitutes an important Initial RITUAL because it is a DIVINE Court which allows the passage to the IMMORTAL part of the individual, represented by one's Ba (unsuitable, but for lack of better, translated as Soul). Moving between the worlds, the Ba is represented as a bird with a human head.

The teachings of Merikare give us several basic pieces of information on the court:
"The court is not indulgent, yet it is for eternity, that which is there and the one who arrives there without offence to ones credit, will be there as a god".

This new image translates as one in which the man becomes responsible for his own actions through what is dictated for him by his heart.

In the traditional funerary text, going back as far as the Old Kingdom, magic plays a dominant role, one proceeded to the SHAPING OF ACTIONS having to do with MA'AT. One thus systematically codified them, giving the famous Chapter 125 of the "Book of the Dead", the one which contains the less famous "Declaration of Innocence".

This "Declaration of Innocence" summarizes in the form of a list of negatives, all actions considered as non-compliant with MA'AT, being a matter for Isfet ("Chaos"), the opposite of MA'AT.

It is about, among other things, not to have killed, stolen, mistreated, blasphemed, transgressed the taboos, etc. So the deceased can "be separated from ones sins", to purify oneself.

If ones heart is in EQUILIBRIUM on THE BALANCE with the Feather of MA'AT, one then becomes capable to be introduced into the World of the Gods; one becomes a "Maa-Kheru", which means "Just of Voice", but also "One Provided", someone for whom on Earth someone still ACTS.

Notice also that the heart must not be LIGHTER than the Feather, otherwise it would signify that there was an (ABSENCE OF ACTION) during the Terrestrial life, a "TRANSGRESSION" as serious as the ACCUMULATION OF BAD ACTIONS.

Notice also that Asar/Ausar/Osiris and the DIVINE Court are only ratifying the Judgment which Society related to the deceased by letting them provide oneself with a Tomb, a Book of the Dead and the whole additional material things.

As MA'AT integrated the one into HUMAN Society, it integrated one into DIVINE Society also; One becomes a member of the Community of the Gods and has access to bread - beer of the table of Osiris.

MA'AT thus becomes an ESSENTIAL CONDITION, not only to be a success in Terrestrial Life, or to leave a trace in the Collective Memory, but equally to pass the examination of the BALANCE of the Last Judgment.

The great idea which arises, and is really new, is that it will be NECESSARY to JUSTIFY ones actions in the beyond.

It is this MORAL Foundation which will be resumed by the Judeo-Christian tradition, even though it won't hear it in precisely the same way.

Present since the texts of the pyramids, MA'AT becomes to the 18th Dynasty the daughter of Atum-Re, merged with Tefnut, the FORMIDABLE Solar Lioness.

MA'AT thus represents, in one of Her aspects, a DANGEROUS Goddess. Ma'at-Tefnut and Her Brother Shu are principles who precede at one time and then appear at the same time as the Creator God Atum-Re.

In a passage from the Sarcophagus Texts, the God says :

"The one who lives, Tefnut is My Daughter, who will exist with Her Brother Shu. He is called LIFE. She is called MA'AT". MA'AT organizes the world while justifying Her emergence."

MA'AT represents the PERMANENT SUCCESS of the Cosmos who expresses its renewed presence every day at the prow of the Solar Barque. This perpetuity supposes a CONTINUOUS effort, requiring a collaboration of the Gods and Humankind through the intermediary of the King. The UNION of RA and MA'AT, of which the Uraeus notable testifies, explain the continual embrace of the Sun, while presenting MA'AT as food, drink and ointment of the Supreme God. In short everything which is beneficial to us and permits us to live, is MA'AT.

So MA'AT, Daughter of Atum-Re returns to Her Father that which He gave Her. It forms the foundation of the Egyptian offering: one returns to the God that which He gave.

One "brings into being" MA'AT by the DIVINE recitation of prayers in an unceasing effort where one LISTENS to one another, where one ACTS one for the other. Thus SOCIAL LIFE and COSMIC LIFE INTER-TWINE: they are the REFLECTION one of the other.

If Civil Society no longer functions according to the norm, it is the WHOLE UNIVERSE which is threatened. So Apophis, who is always the personification of menacing DISORDER and CHAOS, is not annihilated in the beyond, it is Civil Society which will be DIS-ORGANZIED (WAR, REBELLION, etc...).

The structure of the DIVINE WORLD as the one of the Human World is pyramidal. As the Creator Sun Organizer of the Sky must answer to Pharaoh, Organizer of the land. The Queen/King was installed to ACHIEVE (se-kheper), to ESTABLISH (se-mn) MA'AT and to annihilate Isfet ("CHAOS"). Thus assuring these conditions, so that the simple mortal can, at human level, speak of and accomplish MA'AT, which is indispensable for the Terrestrial life.

To establish MA'AT is our NATURAL, spontaneous tendency towards ORDER, BALANCE, LAW and JUSTICE.

IMBALANCE and DISORDER, VIOLENCE, The LAW of the STRONGEST, and the ABSENCE of indispensable ORGANIZATION to render a viable and prosperous Nation is evident today.

It was the role of the Pharaoh and the State to fight by ALL MEANS against DISORDER, IMBALANCE and CHAOS. The Ancient Egyptians had the aim of making the Life of Humankind and Gods possible. This is why the main offering which the King/Queen made to the Gods and which is represented so often, concerns the offering for MA'AT.

In a very traditional concept of RECIPROCITY, nourishment is RETURNED to the Divinity who in turn justifies their function by it.

However, during the time of Amarna, the significance which Akhenaton gave to MA'AT changed. The Pharaoh Akhenaten makes an offering of MA'AT to Aten.