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Nefertiti (the name is an Egyptian phrase meaning "The Beautiful One Who Has Come") was the Great Wife and Queen of Akhenaten.  If the bust of Her found abandoned in the sculptor's studio in Amarna is a true likeness She indeed was beautiful enough to deserve such a name. Her origin has been the subject of much speculation. The discovery that Nefertiti had an Egyptian wet-nurse leaves little doubt that She was born in Egypt. It is unclear who Nefertiti´s parents were. It is sometimes suggested that Nefertiti was the daughter of Queen Tiye and Amenhotep III (making Her a Sister or Step-Sister of Akhenaten).

When Amenohotep III died around 1375 BC, he was succeeded by Akhenaten. During the first six years of His reign, the record shows that it was Nefertiti, who was the master of all Egypt. Nefertiti and Akhenaten had six daughters; many family portraits have survived and all are remarkable in their display of affection. Nefertiti clearly, was greatly loved by the Pharaoh, and had a very prominent role in the political life of Egypt.

Akhenaten is regularly depicted displaying affection for Nefertiti and their Daughters in an unrestrained show of emotion which is pretty much unique to Egyptian Art. In one inscription the King described His Beloved Queen as;

"The Mistress of Happiness, Endowed with Favors, at hearing whose voice the King rejoices, the Chief Wife of the King, His beloved, the Lady of the Two Lands, Neferneferuaten-Nefertiti, May She live for Ever and Always".

There can be no doubt that this was a loving, closely knit family.

Throughout the Eighteenth Dynasty Royal Women played a significant and visible role in State and Political affairs. Nefertiti continued this tradition by actively assisting Her husband in his attempt to convert Egypt to The Law of One.  No look at the life of Nefertiti would be complete without a acknowledgment of this revolution.

She was pictured killing the enemies of Egypt in a scene normally reserved for Pharaohs and She was shown with Her husband awarding gold to Royal favorites at the Window of Appearance.

By Year 14 of Akhenaten's reign Nefertiti had disappeared from view. She allegedly died at the age of 35, yet there is no record of her death nor has her mummy or place of burial been found. Many have speculated that Nefertiti changed Her name to Smenkhkare, adopted the guise of a man, and ruled as Co-Regent with Her Husband. Akhenaten died about Year 17 under mysterious circumstances. Smenkhkare appears to have been co-regent for three years and to have died either just before or just after Akhenaten.

The fame that Nefertiti has gained over the years in modern times maybe contributed to a great extent to the discovery of its Statue known as Nefertiti bust which was found in Amarna Egypt in 1912. The original famous Nefertiti bust was found among other unfinished busts by the German archaeologist Ludwig Borchardt who led a team of the German Oriental company (Deutsche Orient-Gesellschaft). It was shipped to Germany in 1913 where it was kept in the residence of James Simon the sponsor of the excavation and then moved to the Berlin Museum the same year but was kept a secret until finally displayed in 1924. The bust moved to several locations in Germany. It is currently displayed in the Neues Museum Berlin.
The bust of Nefertiti height is 47 cm and weighs around 20 kg (44 lb). It is made of a limestone core covered with painted stucco layers. The face is completely symmetrical and almost intact, but the left eye lacks the inlay present in the right.
There has been intense discussions about the repatriation of the Nefertiti bust to Egypt. Ever since the unveil of the discovery of the Nefertiti bust, there have been Negotiations between the Egyptian and German governments to return the bust to Egypt as the bust was moved illegally to Germany but it has not been decided yet by the German authorities if the bust would be returned to Egypt.
Both Egypt and Berlin view the Nefertiti bust as a symbol of  them and as it has been a precious item to possess, each party refuses to step back on its demand to have it on its land.

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~ Akhenaton ~

At the time of the Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt, there had been one minor cycle of 25,000 years on Planet Earth, with no Harvest. The bold, new experiment of Earth was going badly awry. A Guardian of Earth, Yahweh, had brought the planetary population of Mars here after that planet’s atmosphere’s demise, making some genetic changes to give these souls quicker, more agile physical bodies and an enhanced intellect so that they might more easily learn the LAW OF ONE. Yet those previously of Mars used those bodies and minds NOT to seek spiritual evolution but to recapitulate the experience of empire they had on Mars, which had ended disastrously when they rendered their planet uninhabitable for third-density people. Now Planet Earth was also mired in empire.

However, Pharaoh Akhenaton was oriented towards an ADVANCED spirituality, as was his wife, Nefertiti. Akhenaton became known as the heretic pharaoh because of his interaction with those of Ra. Under the influence of the LAW OF ONE, Akhenaton declared the state religion to be monotheistic, the first nation-state EVER to do so on Planet Earth. He built a new capital of Egypt, Heliopolis, and here he and Nefertiti practiced their new religion, worshiping ONE god.

The Ra group, in Session 1 of THE LAW OF ONE, put it this way:
We spoke to one who heard and understood and was in a position to decree THE LAW OF ONE. However, the priests and peoples of that era QUICKLY DISTORTED our message, ROBBING IT of the, shall we say, COMPASSION with which UNITY is informed by ITS VERY NATURE.

"When we were no longer able to have appropriate channels through which to enunciate the LAW OF ONE, we removed ourselves from the now hypocritical position in which we had allowed ourselves to be placed. Other myths, shall we say, having more to do with polarity and the things of your vibration that are complex, again took over in that particular society/complex.”

When Don, in this first session with those of Ra, asked for more details, Ra replied:
In the Eighteenth Dynasty, as it is known in your records of space/time distortions, we were able to contact a pharaoh, as you would call him. The man was small in life-experience on your plane and was a … what this instrument would call, Wanderer. Thus, this [individual] received our communication distortions and was able to blend his distortions with our own.

This young entity had been given a vibratory complex of sound which vibrated in honor of a prosperous god, as this [individual], which we call instrument for convenience, would call “Ammon.” The entity decided that this name, being in honor of one among many gods, was not acceptable for inclusion in his vibratory sound complex. Thus, he changed his name to one which honored the sun disc. This distortion, called “Aten,” was a close distortion to our reality, as we understand our own nature of mind/body/spirit complex distortion. However, it does not come totally into alignment with the intended teach/learning which was sent. This entity, Akhenaton, became convinced that the vibration of ONE was the TRUE SPIRITUAL VIBRATION and thus decreed the LAW OF ONE.

However, this entity’s beliefs were accepted by VERY FEW. His priests gave LIP SERVICE ONLY, without the spiritual distortion towards SEEKING. The peoples continued in their beliefs. When this entity was no longer in this density, again the polarized beliefs in the many gods came into their own and continued so until the one known as Mohammed delivered the peoples into a more intelligible distortion of mind/body/spirit relationships.”

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The concept of Ma'at brings together several completely disassociated dimensions in Egyptian imaginary.

Ma'├Ąt is at the heart of understanding Egyptian Civilization in its entirety, and is the foundation of its longevity. It is bound to and confused with Ethics (including Justice and Truth), with Universal Order (Cosmic Order, Social Order and Political Order) and with Social Integration based on Communication and Confidence.

The foundation of Egyptian Cultural identity, Ma'at is the great Creation of the thinkers of the Old Kingdom. It is SHE who ultimately offers an ideological setting to the Pharaonic State, both at the level of justification of its existence and in that of the Rules which define GOOD Government.

But we would not know what this principle covers if a break had not occurred. This break, which is the decomposition, at the end of the Old Kingdom, of the centralized Unity of the country embodied by the king. Then the emergence of multiple local powers which shared the territory during a couple of centuries (the First Intermediate Period).

The DISORDER and Social Anarchy which resulted from it profoundly marked the Egyptian imagination. Through necessity it was clear to formulate and to explain what was obvious in the previous period.

These thoughts are found in literary genre, whose first steps date back to the 3rd Dynasty, and which concern the CONDUCT of individuals: the sapient literature, with its teachings.

It also expresses itself through a new literature type, appropriate for the difficult crossing period: the laments or pessimistic literature. This last more concerns Society than that of actual individuals. It is the same for a third kind which are king's writings to his son's and which express, for the first time, concrete suggestions on the Government of men.

The Middle Kingdom will be seen to reconstitute the Political and Social UNITY of the Double Country, RE-UNIFIED around the central concept of MA'AT. It is the "Tale of the Oasien" or (Eloquent Peasant) which best summarizes the concept of Ma'at at this time.

In the nine supplications, which he addresses to his judge, a peasant who has been flown, provides the three fundamental attitudes of a behavior compliant to the MA'AT:

"There is no yesterday for the lazy person, no friend for the one who is deaf to Ma'at, no festival day for the greedy."

(1) Laziness - Makes Not MA'AT.
Laziness, is the ABSENCE OF ACTION, INERTIA. For the Egyptian, ALL ACTION must INDUCE a RE-ACTION in an intermeshed JOINING of past actions (yesterday) to present actions. It is necessary "TO ACT." For the one who acts and that, for a very clear reason, is in order to advise him to remain active.

In a Society where the subsistence of the individual is made day to day, in a complex relational maze, the slightest DIS-ORDER can compromise the survival of the people or the functionality of the administrative machine.

Not to forget the good which has been made, it is the basis of confidence. It is a SOLIDARITY OF SURVIVAL, based on INTERDEPENDENCE, embodied by MA'AT.

(2) Deafness in Ma'at - According to Ma'at.
The greatest wisdom according to Ancient Egypt, is to KNOW how to listen in the SILENCE, to meditate on the received word and to consequently act. It is not surprising when one knows the importance of language, of the uttered words which are a living substance, a true food. Social life is only possible by the exchange of HARMONIOUS speech, which only permits the integration of one and the other in dynamics based on the confidence of actions which will be achieved.

The deaf who do not listen to the other, are the insensible, the indifferent. Therefore, has no friend and is NOT INTEGRATED into society. When one doesn't communicate anymore, at the level of the individual or Society, it is VIOLENCE and the Law of the strongest which is installed. It is well illustrated in the "Dialogue of The Desperate Man and His Soul", another classic text of the Middle Kingdom.

(3) Greed
It is a property of the HEART for the Egyptian on which there is no Ascendancy; it is, say the sages, an incurable illness.

It is doubly negative:
- For the Individual: Indeed, during ones life, accumulates a subtle "ENERGY" notably at the time of the festivals, which seem to be in relation to the joy of living. One nourishes their Ka, their intangible double. The one who cannot be happy carries harm to their own Ka.

- For Society: Selfishness, the desire of possessions and jealousy, entail the DESTRUCTION of social relations. The one who despoils those who worked for him, removes from them their means of subsistence, puts them in peril and this fact, is an inducer of VIOLENCE.

In addition, while trying to remove ones dependence on the another, to individualize oneself, one breaks the dynamic system of INTERACTION of SOCIETY and there again will generate VIOLENCE.


The goal of the Egyptian of High Society is to become a Tomb Owner, an Imakhu (what is, in itself, the tangible expression of ones Social Stature of "well provided"). It requires that several conditions are met:

- A Remunerative Function ("a well paid job") and Royal Authorization.

- An Expensive Post-Mortem Cult supposing either Affiliation with, or of Specialized Priests, in any case of important income.

- A GOOD RECORD in the Society.

Three Security checks are thus put in place to MORALLY constrain one to behave well :
- The functions of experience have been correctly filled in order to have enjoyed Royal Favor.

- A Will must have been written and goods of the deceased passed to their heir; it is not automatic. It is necessary that the Will is approved (sealed) by the Vizier himself who can disinherit if goods were ill-gotten.

- The GOOD RECORD left with the group, so that the chapel is maintained and is not damaged, and the Formulas of Life uttered.

It is necessary to have been WELL-BELOVED by ones living (it is not about liking each other!). This arduous task supposes that one followed the way of solidarity recommended by MA'AT.

- The Biographies in The Tombs WELL specify that one gave to the one who had need (bread, clothes, boats ...)

- That one didn't commit the sin of language (scandal-mongering, slander ...)


It is about an impersonal portrait which translates the CONFORMITY to the general rule, MA'AT, and which is distinct from the "professional" career.

These concepts evolved during the various Periods of Our-Story.

(1) In The Old Kingdom.
MA'AT is merged with the Will of the king who assumes the "SERVICE OF HUMANKIND". It is NOT the career, since the career is spontaneous and bound to ambition. Career in the service of the Sovereign and MA'AT are therefore distinctly separated, but form an indispensable COMPLEMENT.

(2) In the First Intermediate Period:
After the fall of the monarchy of the Old Kingdom, there is no longer a career in the king's service. A VIRTUOUS Life compliant to MA'AT can alone lead to IMMORTALITY.

However, the very word of MA'AT, which remains identified by the Egyptians with the King, with the State, disappears from the inscriptions.

One's VIRTUE is now the real monument: A GOOD CHARACTER is a monument; It is a monument to being good; One's monument is ones virtue.

Greater need for a Tomb or Royal career. Could it be that the economic difficulties also played a part in this new vision, because VERY FEW people could have access to an Authentic Monument during this period.

(3) In the Middle Kingdom:
Thanks to literature known as "propaganda" (an unsuitable term, but close enough), The Monarchy reintroduces the traditional notion of MA'AT - Service to The King, as a necessity of survival.

It is ADDED TO the necessities of VIRTUE and The Tomb. The Tomb and MA'AT become INSEPARABLE.

(4) Thereafter, and especially during the New Kingdom:
After the fall of the Middle Kingdom and the invasion of the Hyksos, the Second Intermediate Period showed that it was NOT POSSIBLE to be assured of a stable Terrestrial World where MA'AT could reign without sharing.

This has a major consequence concerning the beyond: it can no longer be a simple continuation of Terrestrial life. The deceased cannot be CONTENT anymore with surviving. He must pass into another state, the one of an IMMORTAL Living God into the Kingdom of Osiris.

For this, the dead acquires their new state, RITUALS of PASSAGE are necessary: these will be the "Judgement of the Dead" (among others, for the Funeral, the Opening of the Mouth…, are also Rituals of Passage).

The Judgment of the Dead constitutes an important Initial RITUAL because it is a DIVINE Court which allows the passage to the IMMORTAL part of the individual, represented by one's Ba (unsuitable, but for lack of better, translated as Soul). Moving between the worlds, the Ba is represented as a bird with a human head.

The teachings of Merikare give us several basic pieces of information on the court:
"The court is not indulgent, yet it is for eternity, that which is there and the one who arrives there without offence to ones credit, will be there as a god".

This new image translates as one in which the man becomes responsible for his own actions through what is dictated for him by his heart.

In the traditional funerary text, going back as far as the Old Kingdom, magic plays a dominant role, one proceeded to the SHAPING OF ACTIONS having to do with MA'AT. One thus systematically codified them, giving the famous Chapter 125 of the "Book of the Dead", the one which contains the less famous "Declaration of Innocence".

This "Declaration of Innocence" summarizes in the form of a list of negatives, all actions considered as non-compliant with MA'AT, being a matter for Isfet ("Chaos"), the opposite of MA'AT.

It is about, among other things, not to have killed, stolen, mistreated, blasphemed, transgressed the taboos, etc. So the deceased can "be separated from ones sins", to purify oneself.

If ones heart is in EQUILIBRIUM on THE BALANCE with the Feather of MA'AT, one then becomes capable to be introduced into the World of the Gods; one becomes a "Maa-Kheru", which means "Just of Voice", but also "One Provided", someone for whom on Earth someone still ACTS.

Notice also that the heart must not be LIGHTER than the Feather, otherwise it would signify that there was an (ABSENCE OF ACTION) during the Terrestrial life, a "TRANSGRESSION" as serious as the ACCUMULATION OF BAD ACTIONS.

Notice also that Asar/Ausar/Osiris and the DIVINE Court are only ratifying the Judgment which Society related to the deceased by letting them provide oneself with a Tomb, a Book of the Dead and the whole additional material things.

As MA'AT integrated the one into HUMAN Society, it integrated one into DIVINE Society also; One becomes a member of the Community of the Gods and has access to bread - beer of the table of Osiris.

MA'AT thus becomes an ESSENTIAL CONDITION, not only to be a success in Terrestrial Life, or to leave a trace in the Collective Memory, but equally to pass the examination of the BALANCE of the Last Judgment.

The great idea which arises, and is really new, is that it will be NECESSARY to JUSTIFY ones actions in the beyond.

It is this MORAL Foundation which will be resumed by the Judeo-Christian tradition, even though it won't hear it in precisely the same way.

Present since the texts of the pyramids, MA'AT becomes to the 18th Dynasty the daughter of Atum-Re, merged with Tefnut, the FORMIDABLE Solar Lioness.

MA'AT thus represents, in one of Her aspects, a DANGEROUS Goddess. Ma'at-Tefnut and Her Brother Shu are principles who precede at one time and then appear at the same time as the Creator God Atum-Re.

In a passage from the Sarcophagus Texts, the God says :

"The one who lives, Tefnut is My Daughter, who will exist with Her Brother Shu. He is called LIFE. She is called MA'AT". MA'AT organizes the world while justifying Her emergence."

MA'AT represents the PERMANENT SUCCESS of the Cosmos who expresses its renewed presence every day at the prow of the Solar Barque. This perpetuity supposes a CONTINUOUS effort, requiring a collaboration of the Gods and Humankind through the intermediary of the King. The UNION of RA and MA'AT, of which the Uraeus notable testifies, explain the continual embrace of the Sun, while presenting MA'AT as food, drink and ointment of the Supreme God. In short everything which is beneficial to us and permits us to live, is MA'AT.

So MA'AT, Daughter of Atum-Re returns to Her Father that which He gave Her. It forms the foundation of the Egyptian offering: one returns to the God that which He gave.

One "brings into being" MA'AT by the DIVINE recitation of prayers in an unceasing effort where one LISTENS to one another, where one ACTS one for the other. Thus SOCIAL LIFE and COSMIC LIFE INTER-TWINE: they are the REFLECTION one of the other.

If Civil Society no longer functions according to the norm, it is the WHOLE UNIVERSE which is threatened. So Apophis, who is always the personification of menacing DISORDER and CHAOS, is not annihilated in the beyond, it is Civil Society which will be DIS-ORGANZIED (WAR, REBELLION, etc...).

The structure of the DIVINE WORLD as the one of the Human World is pyramidal. As the Creator Sun Organizer of the Sky must answer to Pharaoh, Organizer of the land. The Queen/King was installed to ACHIEVE (se-kheper), to ESTABLISH (se-mn) MA'AT and to annihilate Isfet ("CHAOS"). Thus assuring these conditions, so that the simple mortal can, at human level, speak of and accomplish MA'AT, which is indispensable for the Terrestrial life.

To establish MA'AT is our NATURAL, spontaneous tendency towards ORDER, BALANCE, LAW and JUSTICE.

IMBALANCE and DISORDER, VIOLENCE, The LAW of the STRONGEST, and the ABSENCE of indispensable ORGANIZATION to render a viable and prosperous Nation is evident today.

It was the role of the Pharaoh and the State to fight by ALL MEANS against DISORDER, IMBALANCE and CHAOS. The Ancient Egyptians had the aim of making the Life of Humankind and Gods possible. This is why the main offering which the King/Queen made to the Gods and which is represented so often, concerns the offering for MA'AT.

In a very traditional concept of RECIPROCITY, nourishment is RETURNED to the Divinity who in turn justifies their function by it.

However, during the time of Amarna, the significance which Akhenaton gave to MA'AT changed. The Pharaoh Akhenaten makes an offering of MA'AT to Aten.

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Goddess Hathor

Hathor is one of the most famous Goddesses of Ancient Egypt. She was known as "the Great One of Many Names" and her titles and attributes are so numerous that she was important in every area of the life and death of the ancient Egyptians. Hathor is a multiple Goddess, appearing in multiple personalities at the same moment. Sometimes she is seen in 18 personalities, also in 12 Hathors, sometimes in 8 personalities. But the appearance in SEEN Hathors was generally accepted. The SEVEN GODDESSES have tambourines in their hands, tight fitting dresses and have the cow-horns with the disk on their heads.

The SEVEN Het-Heru multiple Goddesses are PROPHETIC fairies. The multiple Goddess are related with the scale of music, the octave. Sometimes Het-Heru is depicted with the head of a LION. This connects her to the TAROT CARD of STRENGTH. Her temple service was done by Priestesses. The Priestesses had the big Het Heru (Hathor) crown on their heads. This crown had two cow horns with the moon disc in between. In the hot climate of Ancient Egypt they were Naked Holy Women.

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Most African cultures, including that of ancient Kemet are matrilineal. This means that ones identity is through his or her MOTHER.

The MOTHER, The Black Queen, is the Creator, the Life-Force, the Sustainer and the Producer of Life, and ones identity.

In our country there were even matriarchal societies where women were the most important element. On the Bijagos Islands they had Queens and they were NOT Queens because they were the daughters of kings. They had Queens SUCCEEDING Queens. The religious leaders were Women too, rulers were often pictured with their Mothers and ruled equally with their Queens.

It is said to be the custom among the Nubians, when a king dies and leaves a son, and also a nephew, the son of his sister, that the LATTER reigns after his uncle, INSTEAD of the son. The Black Queen in Ancient Kemet SHARED civic duties with her male counterpart.

From the AFRICAN perspective the FEMININE Energy is glorious and vital! In both the bible (Exodus) and the Quran (Sura), it is spoken that shortly after being led out of EGYPT, the Israelites constructed and began worshiping a 'GOLDEN CALF'. Upon further inspection, it is obvious that this 'GOLDEN CALF' is in fact the Kemetian Cow Goddess Hathor / Het Heru.

After spending so many years in Kemet (EGYPT) and observing the complex practices, culture and spiritual system of the Egyptians (a system thousands of years in the making, with roots from the Nubian people of Kush -- the Egyptians were children and a colony of the Kushites), it would be thought that Moses would understand that the Kemetians were NOT 'idol worshipers'.

That the image of the Cow Goddess only SYMBOLICALLY REPRESENTS the nourishing and life-giving energy; the SAME energy in the BLACK WOMAN, the SAME energy that is an aspect of the ALL-encompassing transcendental god (Neberdjer).

So the Israelites were in fact emulating a Kemetian practice; the practice of devotional veneration to both the BLACK WOMAN, and to god!

It has now been INDISPUTABLY proven that the human race originated in Africa. We now know that ALL humans can trace their roots to a family in Africa. We know that the FIRST Mother is an AFRICAN woman. The BEAUTIFUL Black Queen is the ORIGINAL WOMAN, The MOTHER and CREATOR of us all.

We are all born from a woman and birthed from the GREAT COSMIC AFRICAN WOMB. And it is so...

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"NEITH is one of the few GODDESSES whose myths, in their surviving form, take us back IN PLAIN TERMS to the primordial COSMIC MOTERHOOD... A priest told the Persian King Cambyses that it was NET, the MIGHTY MOTHER, who had given birth to Ra, that SHE WAS THE FIRST to have given birth to ANYTHING and that She had done so when NOTHING ELSE had been born."


"I AM ALL that has been, AND IS, AND SHALL BE, and my robe no mortal has yet uncovered."
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Plutarch, a Greek scholar who lived from 46 AD to 120 AD, wrote Isis and Osiris. Isis, being in the "Original" Aset (Auset) and Asar (Ausar). Some 'consider' his work to be a main source about the very late myths about Isis.

In it he writes of Isis, describing Her as:
"…a Goddess exceptionally wise and a lover of wisdom, to whom, Fas her name at least seems to indicate, knowledge and understanding are in the highest degree appropriate.."

Plutarche records these famous words applied to the GODDESS NEITH...
"In Sais the statue of Athena, whom they believe to be Isis, bore the inscription:
I AM ALL that has been, AND IS, AND SHALL BE, and my robe no mortal has yet uncovered." (This should sound very familiar to the christians.)

At Sais, however, the patron Goddess of its Ancient cult was NEITH, many of whose traits had begun to be ATTRIBUTED to Isis during the Greek occupation.
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The first religion and culture of humanity was centered around the Divine Afrikan Mother as Creatress. She has been variously called Mu, Ma, Neith, Nu, Nana, Kali-Ma, Maat, etc. Her names have been numerous. The presence of a glorious epoch of Harmonious Maternal and Paternal powers has been since substantiated by anthropological finds, research of aboriginal myths, genetics, physics, human psychology, etc.

The data concerning the theology of the Divine Mother dates back to Paleolithic times and beyond. Here, She represents EVERYTHING that existed in the Universe, in Nature and in Human Culture.

The religion of the AFRIKAN MOTHER blossomed in the Golden High Cultures of the Nile Valley, Indus Valley, Crete, Sumer, Catal Huyuk, Inca, Maya and many other Great Civilizations of pre-OUR-story.

Many if not all of these civilizations were originally Matrilineal in social structure, religion and politics. It is from these belief systems among aboriginal peoples that the growth and expansion of the early religion of the DIVINE MOTHER came.

They created and invented ALL the essential products of Civilization and Industry, including Science, Textiles, Art, The Calendar, Language, Religion, Agriculture, The Monetary System and Democracy.

These Maternal-Centered Societies are truly the Mothers and Fathers of Human Civilization. Among the Ancient peoples of Afrika, many images of the DIVINE MOTHER Religion have been discovered.

The FIRST human images discovered are MATERNAL NUDE FIGURES, which date back to the Cro-Magnons of the Upper Paleolithic period between 35,000 and 10,000 BC.
The VENUS of LAUSSEL found in the South of France is carved in bas-relief in a rock shelter. This site appears to have been a Hunting Shrine which dates back to 19,000 BC. In this carving the WOMAN is painted red and She holds a Bison Horn in Her Hand.

Other FEMALE STATUES were discovered dating back to the Neolithic period (ca.9000-7000 BC), the Middle Neolithic period (ca. 6000-5000 BC) and the Higher Neolithic period (ca. 4500-3500 BC). In Afrika, cave images of the Horned Goddess (later Auset, ca 7000-6000 BC) were discovered. Here the BLAK MOTHER represents Self-Birthing and Fertility.
During the Pre-Dynastic Khemetic period, prior to 3110 BC, the Goddess was known as Ta-Urt (Great One) and was portrayed as a Pregnant Hippopotamus on Her Hind Legs.

The Halaf culture around the Tigris River, ca. 5000-4000, had Maternal Images associated with The Cow, Serpent, Humped Ox, Sheep, Bull, Dove and Double Axe. This reflects the peoples images of MOTHER as the symbol of COMMUNITY, COOPERATION and AGRICULTURAL LIFE. These are also very important Totemic Animals for the Nile Valley Civilization and many other Afrikan Aboriginal Belief Systems.

In the Sumerian Civilization, ca. 4000 BC, the Queens or Princesses of Cities were associated with the DIVINE MOTHER (Mother/Shakti) and a King or Prince was associated with the God (Father/Shakta) principal.

Despite the MATRILINEAL Aspect of these Cultures, MEN and BOYS were treated with a high level of respect and honor. Men and Women were EQUALS both excelling and prospering in their DIVINE PURPOSE and DESIGN.

NO ONE was SYSTEMATICALLY OPPRESSED, DISRESPECTED and MIS-TREATED. It is believed that the era of expanding major Patriarchal Religions signified the end of the Matrifocal Belief Systems among Afrikans and other natives throughout the world.
This set off a series of events where many communities worldwide began to make the sometimes violent transition from Agricultural Spirit-Centered Community to one of SLAVERY, FORCED NOMADISM and COMMERCIALISM. This took place at the changing of the Solar Ages.

The introduction of the Major Religions was one of the many signs denoting the New Age. With them many aboriginal beliefs would encounter for the first time Patriarchal Belief Systems and Caste Systems based SOLELY on COLOR.

Anthropologist call this the spreading of Pastoral Nomadism. What it means is that a group of HIGHLY MALE-CENTERED, NOMADIC PEOPLES began to INVADE, OVERTHROW and TAKE-OVER many Ancient Communities and Civilizations. EVERYWHERE is the struggle between the new "Settler" population and the Aboriginal Communities.

This gauntlet continues to this day with many very Spiritual Communities FIGHTING and STRUGGLING to hold on to Traditions and Beliefs which SUPPORT Female and Male COOPERATION and also to PROTECT their Culture and Land from being STOLEN and CORRUPTED by outsiders.

The name of these "new settlers" vary but they all leave one LONG-STANDING, DESTRUCTIVE result on their victims and that is Cultural and Ancestral FRAGMENTATION. In some cases, native peoples have encountered COMPLETE Genocide. This is what happened to many "Indian" nations in South America and the Tasmanians of Australia.

Thus, the incredible misconceptions of these Ancient Places exist for they represent something different from modern societies and the documentation is usually done by someone who DOES NOT represent the Ancestral WILL of the people or the land.

Even today there continues to be, among Aboriginal peoples an UNNATURAL over-dependency on these cultures and their worldview. This is why their Culture, Language and Traditions are dying trying to withstand the brutal wilderness of OUR-story.

The belief systems of the DIVINE MOTHER is NOT a Religion that is Pro-Night, Satanic, Violent, Carnal or believes in human sacrifice and uninhibited sexual expression. This is the MYTH (DESIGN) of many cultures today, who ironically have these same problems.

The Religion and History of the DIVINE MOTHER is actually based on STRINGENT LAWS, CUSTOMS and TRADITIONS that PREVENT Human Communities from falling into CHAOS and DESTRUCTION (CONSUMPTION).

These Laws and Traditions vary from place to place, people to people. However, The ORIGINAL DIVINE LAWS of HUMANITY begin with The DIVINE MOTHER.

Within the Khemetic context, MAAT (Aboriginal Mother of Cush and Kemet) brings Light, Healing, Comfort, Transformation, Liberation, Enlightenment, Justice and Release.
She is always the Friend of FREEDOM, The SUN and JUSTICE. ALWAYS.
♥ ∞∞ ♥

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Sunday, July 24, 2011


By Josiah Nwanayobi Osuagwu © 2011

Every movement and exertion of the soul issues as a will and consists a will.
Self-will is motion by reference only to one's own concern.
Creator-Will works for the concern and good of all and represents
direct Creator-inspiration and proceedings throughout all of existence.
Creator-Will consists of the real Light and Law of the Omnipresent Whole.
Care is conformity to the form of Creator-Will as the Light.
Care is the key and art of practicing the true figure and ambience
of Light as the perfection of Love.
Careless Life and mindal motions issue to the physical world as ill-will
rather than as good-will.
Care is the Grand-Mother of all Arts for making creature-will
harmonious with Creator-Will.

Love, there are boundless opportunities for all who care to love,
And would care as devoutly as loving existence care commands:
They attend all with perfect heed, tenderness and blessing
And empower all to fuller expression of life and happiness.
Care is the art of recognizing love and there's no finer art.

Sometimes an understanding silence and a gracious sentiment;
Pouring abroad a gift of love nursed in genuine performance,
Or may be, a well-wishing, so pure, it waters withering vines,
Be it ever fair weather or foul, real care is souls delight.
Care is the art of sharing love and there's no worthier art.

We must ponder the nature of all things that touch life,
In the seen and the unseen, what generates such sublime love
Than real Care made manifest as impetus for rendering love!
It is everlasting care that makes possible everlasting love.
Care is the art of creating love and there's no greater art.

Now, behold the classic custom which folks have called love,
For all the wealth and all the romances it does often boast,
Never was a person's love ever truer than the care is true,
For love becomes a hoax where true care is hidden from folks.
Care is the art of enthroning love and there's no loftier art.

Rejoice for the fortune, if your care is alive and expressed.
For by living care, Life's Universal Law doth forever thrive.
When inspired to care souls their greatest of love discover.
But, without caring none entertains real opportunity of love.
Care is the art of nurturing love and there's no wiser art!

Care is the key of remembering, finding and restoring love;
It is the Godly key for realizing Beauty, Justice and Truth;
It is the key to lawful progress amidst uncheatable destiny;
It is a dancing in the soul to the songs of inspiring Light.
Care is the art of balancing love and there's no holier art.

~ Josiah Nwanayobi Osuagwu ~

Yunivasity of Kosmik Wisdom
Worlds Movement and Community for Conscious Cosmic Citizenship
© 2011

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Saturday, July 16, 2011


Afrikan culture has long believed that the MOTHER and child relationship is the foundation of all society. Most of human society, to very recent historical times, also clung to this moral and spiritual precept. Thus, in ancient times, MOTHERHOOD was a source of great celebration, honor and authority.

It is MOTHERHOOD that guards the morality of the community. In ancient cultures, MOTHERHOOD is the core of communal organization. It is the MOTHER who was responsible for transmitting political rights and confirming social position. The etymology of the word "MATRIARCHY" is 'ARCH', which means principle and 'MATRI', which means MOTHER.

Thus, the word matriarchy means MOTHER principle. It does not imply woman domination or the systematic abuse of men and boys. The communities of the matriarchal Amazons and the Gorgons of Libya are a decided formation of beliefs and culture that stand outside the great epoch of classical civilization. These societies formed after the ancient ones collapsed.

NURTURANCE, COMPASSION, ALTRUISM and PEACEFULNESS in this context are Communal Concerns. This is the Great WISDOM of Ancient Civilizations that seem to maintain a SENSE of ORDER and BALANCE, which is UNIMAGINABLE among modern peoples. Among ancient Afrikans, a Woman's place derived from her OVERALL ABILITY to CREATE and SUSTAIN CULTURE. Her powers were SPIRITUAL, MENTAL and PHYSICAL and her True Place was in the HOME or GREAT HOUSE of the KNOWN and UNKNOWN UNIVERSE.


The OLDEST known system of Humanity is MATRILINEAL SUCCESSION. Matrilineal Culture has long believed that the MOTHER and child relationship is the CENTER of COMMUNAL LIFE. For all communities, to very recent times clung also to this moral and spiritual precept.


The emergence of Patriarchal Societies came with the many waves of VIOLENT INVADERS and FORCED AND DECEPTIVE CONVERSIONS of aboriginal peoples to religion. The new religion accompanied ENSLAVEMENT and COLONIZATION, which was presented as Social Caste. This is ironic since many major religions emerged from the efforts of the MOTHERS and PATERNAL HEADS THAT WERE NOT DUALISTIC AND WAR-LIKE IN THEIR TEMPERAMENT. The roots of religion are traced back to Afrika. The new "church" initiated and maintained thorough patriarchal consciousness in social organization, politics and theology.

Some estimate that the matrilineal epoch of humanity lasted for up to 25,000 years or more. The MATERNAL CLAN SYSTEM is as old as Humanity itself. This is the Pre-Family period. Certain aspects characterize many Matrilineal Civilizations. This does not only express its FEMINIZATION, but it is well-known that most, if not ALL of these cultures were Afrikan.
Matrilineal patterns of Social Organization are strong in Ancient and even modern Afrikan communities. Some suggest it is this very idea that has essentially defined proto-Afrikan culture from more modern populations. This is the assertion of Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop in his book, The Cultural Unity of Africa, 1990. Correctly, what characterizes Matrilineal Culture also reveals Traditional Afrikan currents and concerns.

Matrilineal Communities are known to participate in and or manifest certain Communal aspects:
  • Maternal systems space their children for health and weaning.
  • Maternal systems support equal growth for women and men.
  • Maternal systems support communal sharing of resources and land.
  • Maternal systems respects a woman's right to choose and decide her future.
These are some of the general traits. These traits definitely pertain to the more notorious Matrilineal Afrikan civilizations like Cush, Khemet, Indus Valley, Crete, Troy, Babylon, Sumer, and Canaan among others.

Modern people tend to view Matrilineal Societies with fear. Their legacy and level of accomplishments CANNOT BE DISPUTED OR OVERLOOKED. For they are responsible for ALL MANNERS OF SCIENCE, ART, PHILOSOPHY, RELIGION and CULTURE.

Excerpt (Edited) from Author "Matomah Alesha"

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By Josiah Osuagwe Nwanayobi  © 2011

Being Conscious of Cosmic Citizenship is the now age ideal for HARMONIZATION, UNIFICATION, and RECONCILIATION with the Truths of Existence. Every being is a citizen of The Cosmic FIRST and FOREMOST. The Cosmic is the Expansiveness and Fullness of ALL THERE IS as Existence Itself. It is INFINITE and ETERNAL and constitutes the reality of the Source of Being and Intelligence that is All-pervasive and permeates EVERYONE and EVERYTHING.

The Cosmic constitutes the very Presence of The Absolute. Everything and everyone has their being In IT, by virtue of it, and is responsible for KNOWING it.

It is The I AM that we each are, with each and every breath we take, with each beat of our heart, and with It's INTELLIGIENCE, ORDER, and LAW imprinted on EVERY FIBER of our beings, we are NOT separate from our Creatrix-Creator. We dwell as points of It's Presence and dwelling. Consciously as points of It's Presence. In and by LIGHT of It's Presence is that which will allow us to be REINSTATED, REORIENTED, and RECONCILED with The TRUTH of ourselves, our purposes, duties, and responsibilities in Being.

The institutions of the society in which we live have taken responsibility for educating us, orienting us towards nationalistic citizenship, which CANNOT take precedence over our Cosmic Citizenship. Cosmic Citizenship is our FIRST POINT of reference in Being.

We have been groomed to the tenants of capitalism, nationalism, patriotism, religions, and all manners of social association and group identifications, which lay the foundation for the tremendous issues we face as a nation undermined by specie-ism, racism, sexism, classism, bigotry, prejudice, homophobia, and all the other isms and schisms that ERRONEOUSLY justifies the neglect, ill-treatment, hostility, oppression, lack of respect, honor, justice, and humanity that millions have and are continuing to experience at the hands of the government, religious, educational, medical communities, as well as individuals.

CONSCIOUS COSMIC CITIZENSHIP is PRE-REQUISTE for being qualified for continuance in existence. The dysfunction, degradation, and disease of individuals, families, communities, and nations of the world have endangered the rights of the peoples to be continued in existence.

As ALL are held accountable to LAW, ORDER, and The Absolute and Eternal Governance of ALL EXISTENCE, it is WISDOM TO HEED THE CALL to CONSCIOUSNESS, COMMITMENT, and CONTINUANCE by APPLYING ONESELF to the studies of Conscious Cosmic Citizenship.
By Josiah Osuagwe Nwanayobi  © 2011

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